In the far East we believe a good beginning is half the battle.

Unlike Santa, mom would always shower me with love and gifts regardless how naughty I’ve been, she simply wishes I could have the best year every year.  

















                                                                                                                                                                                                    This year I spent New Year’s Eve with my best friend Elisa and it sure turned out to be an unexpected fun adventure.

Without any planning we came to Legal Seafood at seaport just to avoid unnecessary waiting lines. Though the main dinning room was full, we still managed a good spot by the bar with an incredible view of the night sky and harbor.


Clair Zhan


We went with steak and cod.

The food was ok just as we expected.  I was eager to come here only to see the fireworks. :p



Soon after dinner we got bored waiting for the fireworks and the clock was ticking to 12 relentlessly.

“let’s go to the W, at least it has good music!” Elisa suggested.

I looked around the room full of couples in their 80s and I took my last sip of wine,  “Agree. Let’s get the heck out.” IMG_2599

IMG_2667 IMG_2695


We made some new friends from Montreal and so the fun starts.




Sure you can be my friend but only if you’re interested in taking photos, for me, obviously :p


When morning arrives it’s time to go home.

We laughed hard on our way back and the early chilly air was so fresh that it woke up every cell in my body. People were still scattering on the street shouting “Happy New Year!” and a drunk boy in suit asked us where the party was.

Well, the party’s over but 2016 has just started!

Last new year I made a promise to myself that I would be a “Yes Woman” who says yes to every possibility in life.  It turned out amazingly. This year I want to love harder and simply be happy for who I am and what I have.

Anyhow, I had a great beginning and I wish you all a great year because…IMG_2693

How did you start your new year? I’d love to know :p