Farewell Monkey year and hello Rooster Year!

Monkey year was quite unpredictable, a little bit unstable and somewhat feisty just like the monkeys. You’re right, Rooster year also shares some rooster traits. Interesting huh? Hell ya!

Here are 3 things you need to know about this Rooster year to not only smoothly navigate through another 365 days but also use them to your own benefits.

1.[Punctuality] Roosters were used as alarm clock by our ancestors. When the sun’s up the roosters start crowing and people get started on their day.

To fully benefit from this trait you should definitely keep track of time management. Plan everything ahead and write them down!

2.[Sensitivity] Rooster/chicken/bird are generally sensitive to loud sound and quick movement. In another word, they hate surprise!

Thus, when you make a move you should keep in mind of steadiness. take your time to do the work, do not rush into anything.

Keep a sticky note on your wall like this:

3.[Arrogance] The famous Chinese allegory for roosters is linked to arrogance. Roosters are proud of their beautiful feathers and they despise the rest of the animal kingdom. Which is why you see them hold their heads high, chest up and have no friends.

The key here is to stay humble because you NEVER look good trying to make someone else look bad.

Last but not least, the element of this Rooster year is fire. That means this year is going to be a busy bumble bee on steroids, fully charged by fire energy. You may feel tired and burned out from time to time, but know that you always have a choice to not get burned but rather use this energy to build your dreams.

Ride the fire waves my friends!

Check out my celebration at Tao here. I’ve got a second chance for “new year new me” and so do you!