Happy Birthday to my second homie, U.S.A. !

I suggested to go up to the Revere Hotel roof top bar to see the fire works.


  Clearly I was too excited..IMG_3269

The Fireworks were blocked from all the skyscrapers.

 We were so disappointed, finished up our drinks and took off to the Charles River.


Click here to see the video :p

We ran as fast as we could to catch the last glimpse of the firework. Little did we know the streets were filled with people which made it ten times harder.

I can’t explain how much fun it was and I can’t remember the last time I get to run like this.


We tried to stay a little longer but the police started to clear out the streets.

We laughed at the whole scene once we found Agus sitting at the curb of the street, smoking a lonely cigaret.

( did I forget to mention we lost her while we were running?)

But soon we regained our energy and headed to a bar

Was it fun? Hell yes!