It has been brought to my attention that because of my bad eyesight,

A lot of people have mistakenly thought I was being rude ignoring them.


Once & for all, I want to make a little confession to you about my eyesight.

First off, I don’t like wearing contact lenses nor glasses. After many times I’ve walked into the male restroom & embarrassed myself smiling like an idiot or waving at a stranger that I thought it was someone I knew. I decided to keep calm & “clair” on.

Therefore, I have this non-expressive(yet not bitchy) face at all time. So please, stop & snap me out of my zone when you see me! I’d be MORE than happy to say hi and chat up with you!

Anyhow, I want to introduce you to The MET Bar in Backbay today.


It’s a great place for an out door sun bathing brunchie.

Me and Adri came here for some wine and breaky yesterday, we enjoyed every bit of our time here.



I had Truffled Croque Madame. Finely grilled artisanal ham within the bread, top with melting gruyere & sunny side up.  Finished with a side of truffle fries with sage.

Orgasm in my mouth.



Adri went with a kale salad with avo. Sadly she wasn’t impressed by it.IMG_7343


I’m really in love with this dress (blue & white are my favorite colors if you can tell).

Dress can be found Here

Converse can be found Here

Glasses are from net a porter.




Lovely adri and her signature smile that can brighten up everyone’s day.unnamed-1
This is me embracing life & feeling myself lol.  IMG_7354

I’ll leave this one to your imagination ;)