My friends have always suggested Toro to me, yesterday I finally convinced my favorite bunch of 11 and headed over there. It is a Spanish Barcelona Style Tapas restaurant with eye-rollingly (in a good way) food in a very friendly and loud atmosphere.

The waiters will bring you endless bread (carb heaven) and wine. I’d say it really is a great place to go with friends to catch up with life or complain about the snow, your exs, and that annoying hot man/woman wouldn’t text you back( :p )while enjoying delicious tapas!

We were waiting patiently for the food to arrive and andrea is sneak peaking that sexy bartender over there and thinking how to ask for his number! hahaha sorry not sorry.


I’m sorry but I literally had a dream about eating these babies last night… No shame no shame… It’s goat cheese stuffed in dates and wrapped around with perfectly fried bacons.

Nick thinks he can be a beer model and be on the super bowl commercial next year.

foie gras on a stick

yummmm yumm yummmmm

sweet bread

This is my crystal with magic light :p


There’s nothing better than spending time with friends, can we do this again on valentines day???