Mom has always encouraged me to meditate with her, but she’s not a professional and always ended up falling asleep… I would tickle her and she would beg me to leave her along for a little nap.

But now I’m here a pacific-ocean-away from her, I somehow find it calms me and helps me focus through out the day if I spend 10 mins meditating in the morning.


I’ve always know the benefits of meditating but since this year I started to get into it. To be in peace with yourself is the essence of life, once you mastered that (trust me it’s not easy) you can be so much better from inside & out. For those of you who have never meditated before, ask yourself these questions: are you happy with who you are and where you’re at? are you stressed? are you feeling lost? do you have trouble focusing?
If your answer is yes, yes ,yes.. spend 5 minutes daily or every other day to clear out your thoughts and meditate, later on you can increase the time to 10 mins or 20 mins. I can assure you the quality of your life will improve a great deal. If your answer is no, well my friend I’m very happy for you because you’re just in a good state of mind and in peace with yourself.

Here are some of my favorite guided videos on youtube, you’ll find it much easier to follow a guided voice than doing it on your own. Our minds are so used to thinking every second, to stop thinking almost seems impossible. But remember there’s always a process, no one started off being fabulous.

Resistance and allowance meditation by teal swan (you can click the links)

kick start your morning 10 mins meditation 

chakra cleansing 20 mins guided by helen Hele Demetriou has the most beautiful voice, the way she talks just calms me down.

My legs fall asleep most of the time I meditate… do you guys have any good suggestion to avoid that?

And lastly, enjoy it!