Time flies! The first time I came here was 2 years ago with the same friend Anabanana, you can see it here.

But little did we know we’d end up living in the same city now, life is a mystery and I love every bit of it!

As you can see, the place is very clean and fresh.

Soft light with white furnitures decorated in wooden elements.

We started with some delicious appetizers and washed down with bottles of white wine.

The squash toast is to die for, trust me it’ll make you moan.

We also had fries & balanced out by plates of brussel sprouts & caramelized carrots. ;)

Our mains arrived quickly after we finished our apps.

Ana had fettuccine

She enjoyed every bit of it.

I had Kasha And Bowtie Pasta with veal meatballs in a sweet sauce & I loved it. 

The rest of the table had Roasted Hake with cauliflower, crushed herbs and lime; Wild Striped Bass with chilies and herbs, spinach and basil; House made Ricotta Ravioli herbs and tomato sauce.

After absolutely fantastic meal, a mini cupcake arrived with birthday singing.

It was A’s birthday!

Followed up by a varieties of dessert for the rest of the table.


Finished up with cups of expressos.

Here’s us being creative trying to mimic the Last Super, failed miserably but we had fun!

Lovely people, lovely dinner, lovely memories <3

We 100% recommend ABC Kitchen.

Make your rsvp now: here

They don’t have a big sign outside which makes it hard to find, so keep your eyes open on your google map!