Hi! I’m the eye traveler and welcome to my blog! Please let your eyes travel through these pages filled with inspiration, wellness tips, travels, food, stories and people!

My goal is to share my experience, life lessons and tips with you,

and hoping they may help or bring a laughter to you in any kinds of way. 

So hold on tight, my dear eye travelers ~~~ Let our adventures begin! 


  • Why The Eye Traveler?

I used to have a mini blog when I was 14 in china called “eye楽游,“ it literally means eye, like, travel.

So naturally I want to continue my idea, which is allowing people who can’t physically travel to travel with me via my blog. That’s how The Eye Traveler was born.


  • Who takes your pictures?

Anyone! It could be my family, friends, or passing by smoking hot stranger. And of course the ones I’m not in, I take all of those myself ;)


  • What camera do you use?

I’m currently using and loving Sony Alpha 6000 silver. It’s easy to carry and the quality is fantastic.


  • What filter apps do you use to edit photos?

I use Snapseed, Facetune, VSCO, sometimes Mextures when I feel adventurous.


  • Where are you from

I’m from China.

My family lives on an island called Hainan these days. It sits in the southiest part of China.

People call it “China’s Hawaii” or Chiwaii.


  • I’m a company & I’d like to get in touch. How can I contact you?

If you think there’s something amazing that can be related to me and my readers, leave me a message here!