In the very end of each week my room looks like it’s been through a dramatic tornato, clothes scatter everywhere on the floor in piles, everything is everywhere if that make sense to you. Sunday officially becomes my “must have” deep cleansing day. I mean it’s not bad with my favorite musics blast on.
As I was cleaning and thought I might share some of my favorite winter products with the girls :) and boys.

 I often go to school bare faced with my fingers crossed and hoped not bumping into any cute boy.
But when I don’t, these are the basic products I use and love.
Hourglass foundation is so hydrating for winter, they say it’s for dry skin but I have combination skin and I still love it for the winter. The texture is a bit thick but once you smooth it on your face it feels like a moisturizer.
hourglass brow pencil  it’s a good quality stuff but hard to manage, I’d go back to anastasia liquid brow pen but if you’re really good at doing brows this can be a good option for you.
Nars orgasm  never gets old… hehehe
Nars Lagoona  needless to say, easy brownzer for a bit color in the winter.

Please let me know your thoughts on these products and share with me what’s your fave for the winter.