The seaport district has been developed greatly these years, new restaurants, bars, and hotels pop up one by one.

Ana invited me as her plus one to the Aloft Hotel grand opening on Thursday.

I got out of the office late and the raging storm did not help but destroyed my 101th umbrella. I arrived with damped hair and a big appetite.

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 9.02.16 PM


Dick Galvin coloring the new seaport industry art piece.

As you know, I’m a huge Boston fan and nothing makes me more proud to see my city becomes greater.


As we discovered the hotel, I have to admit I finally stroke by love-at-first-sight!

A donut wall of happiness! I’ll need one at home.


IMG_7797 IMG_7826

The event was filled with wine, small plates, music, laughters and business men & women celebrating their hard work.

At the end, our group went on separate ways. Masha and I licked off the last bit of icing from our fingers and headed to Strip by Strega for more food & wine.


We start off with burrata.


I had the Moroccan style rack of lamb. Loved it!


The girls had steaks. Well done.


Finished up with sorbet and ice-cream.


True fact: Brunets have more fun!