*If you know a good tapas place in nyc please let me know!!

The only tapas spot I’ve been and love is Stanton Social, but I want to try new places.

V and I were searching for food after the snow storm last month. No surprise, our options were limited because not many places were open.

After flipping through pages of Yelp review, we stumbled upon Andanada – an innovative Spanish restaurant with live jazz – conveniently located close to a Showtime movie theater where we later watched Get Out.

Both the food and movie were excellent!

We immediately put down our orders once we got there.

Mushroom dusted with truffle, I know I know, you can’t see it but you can surely taste it!

Artichoke covered in parmesan cheese.

And a pot of chicken paella.

The restaurant was empty but the jazz crew performed beautifully all night long.

Chocolate mousse wasn’t impressive, you should definitely try a different dessert when you go.

We finished up our coffee and headed to the MOVIE!

Nothing better than spending quality with your best friend.

We simply love the old fashion way, food and movie!