Artisan, Artisan, Artisan, the only brunch spot in the Key! We were literally there EVERY single day.

I mean the food was delicious and the juices were fresh, we have nothing to complain except they don’t serve brunch menu after 12PM… No Bueno!

The truth is, it takes a long time for ALL of us to shower, get dressed, get ready, check our Instagrams & get out of the house.

Can you spot the lizard?

*FYI. this post consists all the Artisan dishes we had through out the week…

It’s a nice, artsy and peaceful environment, never too crowded but always reasonably full of families.

Truffle arepa eggs Benedict with avo.


Mango salad was so fresh, even the dressing was light and tasteful.  I loved it!

Burgers & fries, perfect combination of all human existence.

Sometimes we opt for fruit.

I also got an arepa, super filling and delicious! It’s a must have :p

And most of the times we go for eggs and carbs.

More benedicts.

Ana introduced us to this Argentinian bakery, Clasica Victoria.

It makes some mean treats! Perfect dessert spot if you’re in the neighborhood.

We would head back to the beach for some sunbath time, or when it’s cloudy we’d go for a walk to the lighthouse.

Not a bad view ;)

Moments with friends make me feel very grateful. Having people by your side and watch each other grow, it’s like setting milestones and then cherish the memories together.

I know one day we will look back to this day laugh how young and clueless we are now.

This strappy one piece swim was purchased last summer on Asos, which of course, it’s now sold out. Don’t worry, I found some similar ones you might like ;)

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See you very soon!