IMG_0159_2Did Thanksgiving stuff you up like a teddy bear? Don’t stress, come take a barre class with me and we’ll shrink back to Minnie Mouse! Last year this time I updated a Holiday Body Detox Guide, many of you liked it. This year, on top of the detox I added a little something extra – barre class at Flywheel.

Flywheel offers bike class and barre class, but I’m not a fan of in-door bike ridding, having a concentrated barre class under a good instructor is much suitable for me.

After persuading Elisa to come take the class with me, we were so excited to burn some turkey-fat! Unfortunately, I had trouble waking up early on a Sunday morning so I had to take the next class after Elisa.

In sum, the class was well worth our time. We worked every inch of our bodies from shoulders to arms and core to bubble butts. The only improvement they need is better ventilation, the smell left from the previous class was not pleasant.



Winston Flowers has best quality flowers in the city! This is the only green you can spot in Boston now.


After the killer workout, Elisa and I had a little shopping spree and some healthy brunch at Bar BouludIMG_0134It is a french inspired bistro located in Mandarin Oriental.


Chef Daniel Boulud offers locally inspired seasonal dishes, traditional French bistro fare.




I couldn’t resist to have a side of blueberry crepes and it was delicious!IMG_0095

Where is your favorite brunch place?