Hello hello! I did not forget to blog about Miami trip, in fact all the posts are coming your way!

Remember to keep an eye on it ;)

We spent most of our time in the sun and have dinner when the moon is high up in the sky.

receiving vitamin D like…

When evening fell and the orange twilight dusted all over us, M & I headed to the jungle. The boys went for tennis match, S & A stayed in. (I will have a full post about the jungle, just wait for it :p)

We came back home to catch dinner.

Ana spoke highly about Lido Bayside Grill, she said the view was spectacular. We put on our light covers and headed to the restaurant.

It’s an outdoorsy kind of place, they closed up the blinders to shield the wind which blocked our view.

Romantic ambiance, delicious light dishes plus friendly service, we all agree you should bring a date here!

Starter, guac and chips! Soo amazing, simple yet tasty.

I went with a vegen dish, it’s basically mushroom sauce with 3 puff pastries. Absolutely delicious and obviously low fat :p

A had a plate of veggies, squash, lettuce, corns, beens and mushrooms.

She loved it.

S had zesty salmon and squash.

M had octopus & cauliflower.

Washed down a bottle of white wine shared by 4.

As usual, all outfit details are below:

Did I mention you had to walk through a tunnel of greens like Alice in Wonderland?

Such a lovely place that I imagine to suit for any kinds of events.

After a satisfying meal we met up with some friends and finally started the night.


If you ever visit Lido Bayside, let me know what’s your favorite dish! I wish I had the belly to try everything on the menu ;)