2 dinners in 1 night? God Bless America!

Financial district is officially my new destination for hangouts. 

It was a cold windy evening and I was running late as per usual.

After quickly shoved all my stuff down my giant bag in the office, I hurried down the street and hoped dinner wasn’t served yet!



Everyone has already settled down with a glass of bubbly when I rushed into the private room.


Soon after, the owner Mark Tosi gave us a warm welcome and a thorough intro on Bel Ari. IMG_9448

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian food and homie environment, yet with a touch of higher class than the Northend, Bel Ari is solid gold.

Fun fact: Bel Ari is named after Mark’s two daughters.


These are the stuffed risotto balls with goat cheese, siting on top of berry sauce.


We had two options for secondi,  lobster gnocchi & penne a la vodka. I was feeling the lobster…


The lobster and shrimp were fresh and tender, but overall the dish was a bit too salty for my taste. Then again, the rest of the bloggers would lick the plates if they could!

After some great convos with new friends and washed down bottles of wine, it was time for some frenchies! We headed to Les Zygomates (pronounce as lay-zee-go-matt) which means the cheek muscles that make you smile.

Cheeky, huh?

It was right next door, we quickly migrated there.



With a great collection of wines, we knew it’s going to be a memorable night as we walked in. IMG_9464


All the arts came from Janice Eve Dale, a contemporary artist where you can find her hereIMG_9470What makes this place special is not only the eye-catching arts, but their live Jazz & Blues performance which happens from tuesday to saturday!


This butterfly is one of my favorite piece. I mean, who doesn’t want a pair of wings like these?

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I went with sea bass. The meat was flavorful and the skin was crusted with pistachios (2 of my favorite foods combined together)!IMG_9478

Mark, who sat right next to me had fish ceviche, which was something I sworn by whenever I visited Mexico. And I promised him that I’ll be back to taste their famous seafood dishes, you should come with me FYI.IMG_9482

Julie went with beef rossini. The medium cooked steak comfortably laid on soft mashed potatoes, garnished with wild mushrooms and sprinkled with parsley.  IMG_9484



After a vigorous photo-shoots, we finally dug into paradise.

FYI the sea bass won! IMG_9492

It’s never a complete dinner without desserts, am I right?IMG_9496


I have to say, out of the three sweets the poached apple napoleon took our hearts.


As much as I can tell you how delicious and lovely these 2 restaurants are, it’s always better to try them out yourselves. Here’s the menu for Les Zygomates and here’s for Bel Ari.

A quick lil note: they do happy hours with $1 oyster!

Cheers to not break a bank ;)

Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam