I stumbled upon some breathtaking – so big that literally takes your breath away – burgers on the holy Instagram from Boston Burger Company.


Come, come along with me!

clair zhan, boston blogger, the eye traveler

A beautiful good day is always a plus for a greater appetite.


To me, Harvard square seems like a little town full of interesting spots and filled with intelligent people.

Look, we found our next “must go” raman place as we strolled down the brick street.

Our tummies protested loudly so we quickly found our way to the burger heaven.

And look! I don’t know about you, but I see humanity right here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re high at 4:20Pm or 24/7, this is the place you should go. :p (Isn’t it nice when there are more understandings in the world??LOL)

Here’s a sneak peak of the menu. IMG_5509We kicked off with some divinely, tasty, garlicky and cheesy wings.


Nothing beats a bubbly root beer float.

clair zhan, the eye traveler

Elisa went for the Kitchen Sink.


I picked Killer Bee drizzled in honey mustard. I was happy like a bee when it arrived!IMG_5531

Tho I had a bit trouble fitting it into my mouth as you can see…



Juicy paddy with the perfect crunch from onion rings.


We chatted the whole world to finish our food, it’s so worth the extra hour run in the treadmill!



I wanted to see the famous “Harry Potter” dinning hall at Harvard but they were holding an event with a line of students, which made it  harder to sneak in otherwise I’d flash the doorman. IMG_5717

Elisa took me to Lush, I think it was just as magical!

They make the dreamiest soap in town.IMG_5735

These magic soaps melt right into water and nurtures your skin with pure ingredients while you bath in it.   IMG_5736


I had to stop by my favorite flower shop whenever I’m around Harvard Square.


Too bad clair doesn’t sin. IMG_5750
Please let me know how you like those burgers if you ever go for a try!

Again, it’s a place I’d bring a date :p