B.O.Y. did it kick my ASS!! Literally!

I consider myself as: okay fit.  By that, I mean I sometimes do yoga or run by the Charles River.

And whenever I complain about my body, my friends would shoot me a “shut up” eye roll.

With a little confidence, I walked into the studio with my Nike and Adidas gears.

BFX Studio started in NYC and now it has branched out to Boston. I was luckily invited to try it out by Blog&Tweet.



For you to fully understand how the class is, here’re my inner thoughts through out the workout:

-Walking in: “Whoa, fancy new equipments, nice AC, great low lighting so no one can see me making those weird faces during the workout(wishful thinking)..”

-Pre-workout: “What?? spinning 3o mins then cross fitting 30 mins? I’m not sure if I can do it, maybe I can, maybe I can’t..”

-During the workout:  from “No, no, NOOO, I can’t finish it… help!” to “YAS! Almost there, I CAN DO THIS!” to “Oh sh*t, no way, 10 burpies? I’m out. ”

-Post workout: “I think I’m an olympic champion, where’s my trophy?”

‘Nuff said, let me walk you through this amazing experience.

This is our beautiful trainer Cassie and she will push you to your goals!


We get to pick what to start first, bike or floor.

I went with the bike.

There’s also an assistant coach who would help you adjust & use the equipments.


As you can see from the mirror, follow Cassie on twitter : Cassiebstrong, BFX Studio or me: TheEyeTraveler


Bike or floor, 30 mins and you switch.

The whole exercise is a full body workout, that includes your legs, gluts, bums, abs, chest, arms, forearms and parts you don’t even know you could workout with… IMG_5257

My favorite part of this experience is that the whole workout flows with good music (and very loud so no one could hear me moaning & groaning).

When the beats drop, we bring up our steps, when the beats slow down, we follow.  Of course, under Cassie’s direction, she’s like a Dj/conductor.

Our two trainers were very encouraging and worked closely with us.IMG_5294

Cassie’s mom wrote on the Mirror: B. Strong B. Well B. Bold


BFX sits right by Sweet Green, if you’re a health freak, lucky you!

Me? I went with shake shack which is one street down on Newbury.


Final thought: If you want to look like a fox, you have to sweat like a pig first.

BFX definitely make you sweat like a pig!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed my workout. Where’s your favorite gym in town?IMG_5291