Without the luxury option of traveling the world (just this year, thank baby Jesus),

it’s a blessing to have someone who’s down to seek adventures at all time.


Remember my hiking buddy/food buddy/partner in crime Adrianna? We found somewhere better than Middlesex Fell Reservation (my review here)!

I threw on my bikinis and topped with white t and leggings, ran down my street to find A waiting for me in the car.

Here we go again~


We were both so used to get high by the beach, just kidding*

I’m listening to Lana Del Rey’s new song: High By the Beach while writing this blog. If you haven’t, go try it, it’s trippy.

Anyhow, we were so used to the clear blue water in the ocean, dipping in the green lake is something quite different and you have to try it!

But, before you get in the water with me, let me show you what’s around :p


Blue hill was exhibited by Native Americans, they call themselves “Massachusetts” which means “people of the great hills”.

Eventually, the Europeans came and settled down in this beautiful land. Soon after it was bought by the Metropolitan Park Commission and developed as public recreation.


With a rich history, we could feel the majestic serenity & peaceful energy here.


After pretending adventurers lost in the wild and waiting for prince charming to rescue us, we got tired in the blazing sunlight. The idiot must be stuck in the woods somewhere!

Anyhow, it’s time to strip off!



IMG_6180This trip would’ve been more perfect if we brought picnic food! I crave a nice juicy turkey sandwich with crumbled Doridos in it every time I go hiking…

After checking out their website here, I found out more infos such as fishing, rock climbing, golfing, burger patty grilling & etc…




The lake drops 46 feet deep, but you’re free to swim around if you can promise me you’re able to fight a lake monster.

Hahaha JK, no but really tho… 46 feet… it fits more than one monster…


We patted off the sand on our bums & ready for dinner!!

I was SOO hungry by then that I could eat a whole village ( hide your kids, hide your wife…).

We went to Piattini, which I’ve blogged twice already. It’s def one of my togo Italian place.


Yes I resisted eating the plates as well.IMG_6176



If I could choose, I’d always want to be in the nature and breathing in the wild(clean) air. If you’re an earth-freindly person as well, who by all means also stuck in (or travel to) Massachusetts, give Blue Hill a try and let me know if you find the lake monster! :p