Light Lunch at Select Oyster Bar

As the months gradually heating up, my diet becomes lighter. If you follow the eye traveler for a while you know that I’m always the first person to eat a burgerpizza, or tacos… But in the summer, my body automatically switches into light mode with huge cravings for vegies, fruit, smoothies and seafood.

Select Oyster Bar maybe the best little joint that makes delicious light lunch in town. My boss took me there and I fell in love with it immediately.


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Eileen Fisher – Simplistic Style

Right at this moment, there is a man in Japan using a unique technique weaving a very special material, 100% cotton. Soon to be shipped to the US and made into beautiful clothing that is only available at Eileen Fisher.

Clean, simplistic, quality are the three adjectives I would use for Eileen. They are comfortable enough for everyday and also versatile for the office.

Clair Zhan, the eye traveler, Eileen Fisher

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Tiffany & Co.130th Anniversary

As my co-worker Jeannie invited me to stay at her apartment due to an unexpected event that had, unfortunately, happened to me in recent weeks. She also extended an invitation to the Tiffany’s 130th Anniversary held at the store on Newbury st.

Every cloud has a silver lining!

We not only got to try on beautiful sparkly diamonds, but also met the chief gemologist Melvyn Kirtley himself!

clair zhan, the eye traveler, Melvyn Kirtley

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Picnic by the Charles River

Working in the crisis communication industry, my days turn into nights in a split second. It certainly makes me appreciate my leisure time much more than when I was a student.

(Should I write a post on “what to do after graduating from college” and share some job-hunting, gradschool-applying tips with you? Let me know in the comment :) !) 

Greg, one of my best friends who is also working, found himself in the same situation. We simply appreciate being out of office and away from computer.

As a result, we decided to have a picnic by the Charles river after work. Best decision everrr!

the eye traveler, clair zhan

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Breakfast Champions at Stella

On Sundays, we brunch.

Remember those iconic scenes from Sex & the City where the four ladies meet up for brunch in the weekends, share their stories and give each other merciless judgements advices?

Well, that’s us on screen.

Sorry boys, the silly moves you made have all been laughed at the table over mimosas and scrambled eggs. (Life is short, don’t take everything so seriously :p)

Clair Zhan, the eye traveler, boston blogger, lifestyle blogger

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Aloft Hotel Grand Opening

The seaport district has been developed greatly these years, new restaurants, bars, and hotels pop up one by one.

Ana invited me as her plus one to the Aloft Hotel grand opening on Thursday.

I got out of the office late and the raging storm did not help but destroyed my 101th umbrella. I arrived with damped hair and a big appetite.

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 9.02.16 PM

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Healthy at Freshii

Remember your new year’s resolution is to be healthy and happy? How is it going so far?

Well, mine has been crushed too many times by those deep fried chicken tenders and fries… Whenever I wanted a salad I could hardly find anything besides Sweet Green. If you’re facing the same crisis, please allow me to introduce our new best friend – Freshii!

Whether you’re gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, or simply into health & fitness, this dynamic joint is truly a dream-come-true.


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Hiking at Middlesex Fells Reservation

IMG_5774I’ve always had this tiny little wish, one day I will meet someone(anyone) who is spectacular and gives me inspiration.

We can go on an exploration of the world, breathe the wild air, try all the exotic food, and laugh until our bellies hurt. You know what I mean right?















But recently I came to the realization that instead of looking for it, become it first.

I want to be an inspiration to other people’s lives. It doesn’t have to be big, a little spark will do just fine.

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BFX Studio

B.O.Y. did it kick my ASS!! Literally!

I consider myself as: okay fit.  By that, I mean I sometimes do yoga or run by the Charles River.

And whenever I complain about my body, my friends would shoot me a “shut up” eye roll.

With a little confidence, I walked into the studio with my Nike and Adidas gears.

BFX Studio started in NYC and now it has branched out to Boston. I was luckily invited to try it out by Blog&Tweet.



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We Need Vitamin Sea!

It is fun to go shopping, drinking cocktails, and flirting with unsuitable men.

But it gets a bit old.

I find that having good friends, enjoying the good weather, and sharing some good dirty jokes are more fulfilling and fun.

City life can be simple if you want it to be, that’s one of the reasons why I like Boston, this place is much simpler.



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Wine & Dine Downtown Sip

I don’t mean to smash all those food and drinks in your face, but it’s just another bday celebration.

Greg and Kaila are working now and they’ve decided to take me out in the weekend to make it up. Which is the only time they’re free and alive.

We decided on Sip, the wine bar. Like the name, you can choose to taste a “sip”  of different wines, I’d say it’s roughly 1/3 of a glass.

If you’re a light weighted drinker like me, this is more than perfect and you get to try as many as your body can take.

Tricky huh? ;)

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Double 2

I have officially aged to the ripe and wiser age of 22. How do I feel? Not very different than yesterday!

Usually I’d plan a dinner or a party or just let others decide for me, but this year I suggested an afternoon tea at the Langham hotel. It’s quite lovely but the food was ordinary.


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Graduated & Happily Unemployed…

“Sooo I want to be there early, like before 1pm.” Greg insisted.

“Ummm, but we’re only supposed to be there before 1:30pm tho…” me trying to push as late as possible.

Annnnd, the next thing we know was me holding up my gown running down the street in my heels while trying to pull my hair off of my face in the freezing wind. Greg ( smart enough to) direct the Uber driver turning to a wrong street which was why I had to meet them one block down where I live.

Oh if you’re wondering, it was 1:35 when we finally heading to graduation.


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Bye, My Turkish Meatball

You know those people you instantly click with? Naz was one of those people in my life, we just vibe together ever since the first day I met her in class.

We know each other for a short amount of time but somehow we’ve shared plenty of laughs, tears, and of course many embarrassing moments.

The hardest part is always saying goodbye and I am looking for a replacement for this Turkish delight already, just want to make sure I can take it easy. So if you know of anyone who loves food, movies, taking pictures, and simple enjoys a good time please let me know! I am willing to share my closet and I can be fun!  Or quiet…
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Tatte was Yumm

There are quite a few little lovely cafe joints scatter in Boston, depends on what you feel and where you feel like going you can always easily jump into one.

Remember how I’ve mentioned Beacon Hill in my post with Naz at Charles river?  Tatte sits in the middle of this cute neighborhood and boy isn’t it lovely!



Tatte is a Boston based bakery that’s known for it’s pastries.IMG_7985



Everything is fresh and at a very reasonable price. IMG_7988


Adriana and I met in Sophomore year, don’t ask me how we started our friendships because we find it quite a bit embarrassing… Maybe I’ll tell you one day ;)IMG_7992

The menu is simple, I went for shakshuka, the sauce was a bit watery  and in general it’s not very satisfying compare to the one I’ve tried in LA. If you haven’t seen that post click here, it’s packed with sunshine and happiness!:pIMG_7998


All the pictures I’ve been posting here are taken by Iphones and my very not photography-skilled friends or strangers I found on the street… Sometimes the pictures turn out good, but other times you can see trashcans behind me and random people chilling in the background while I attempting not to crawl into a ball because it was so cold sitting outside… What can I say? IMG_8019




I would definitely recommend this place to have a quick coffee and some pastries when walk by the neighborhood, you have many other choices for a good brunch!IMG_8033

Boston Blizzard Survival Guide

I’ve heard enough complains, but ya know what? I enjoyed it ok?!

Not only we got extra days off but also it’s pretty out(excluding the cold obviously)! I definitely used every bit of it to hang out with friends, catch up with work, also I had time to see my stepson Kenzo(!!) Oh and to eat junk food because they’re more accessible and I need fat to keep myself warm when the tripple layer coats are simply not enough…

So let me share my survival guide even though the snow has stopped… (I hope!)

Ps. It’s almost as cold as my soul.

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Chilling at the crossing legally: Legal Crossing

This semester I got an on campus job as an ambassador at off campus housing office, also I hold a position in the model UN team as the secretary. With my GMAT coming up next week, plus all of the planing for spring break, follow that is a big project for my blog(wink wink), then the NYC conference right after that, not to mention many other things I don’t want to think about anymore… My brain just shuts off when things collectively happen altogether.. all I could think about was salad and wine after a 3-hour-meeting…

However I’m not here to bore you with the responsibilities I want to run away, but to share this little joint that’s perfect for a quick bite(by that I mean salad) and some drinks if you need a little pump in the ass like I did!

Legal Crossing is a cross between all of the Legal Sea Foods concepts that evolved and mushed into a one new experience. Commonly known by people live in the city since it sits right by Boston downtown crossing. If you’re in the area, it’s a good choice to come for drinks at the bar or a big seafood supper.

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A Night Like This: Dinner at Toro

My friends have always suggested Toro to me, yesterday I finally convinced my favorite bunch of 11 and headed over there. It is a Spanish Barcelona Style Tapas restaurant with eye-rollingly (in a good way) food in a very friendly and loud atmosphere.

The waiters will bring you endless bread (carb heaven) and wine. I’d say it really is a great place to go with friends to catch up with life or complain about the snow, your exs, and that annoying hot man/woman wouldn’t text you back( :p )while enjoying delicious tapas!

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Brunch, no it’s actually lunch at Temazcal

Morning after a fun night I did not wake up in a new Bugatti, neither did I wake up looking like Beyonce…
I woke up more of something like “I’m a hungry beast, feed me all the food in the world! NOW!”

A little discovery on snapchat to check who’s up and who’s down.
I texted my dear friend Sonia for brunch, she’s up and ready to shine!
“Come to the W! Now!”
With a message like this I threw on whatever sweater I could first reach, wrapped myself in a warm coat and a scarf, rushed my way to meet them.
Long story short, we ended up at Temazcal for lunch rather than brunch which it’s fine by me. Mexican food has always been a fond of mine, the ones I’ve tried in Boston are mostly disappointments..  But you know what, I’ve officially found my new love affair! Sorry boys, Temazcal right by seaport has won my heart.
It’s an utterly bright sunny day! Which I love but not the friendliest to a headache.

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Winter Reads

If you’re still cruising online right now that means you’re not out partying like a lot of crazy heads on my snapchat. Here’s a post dedicates to you, it’s perfectly fine staying in bed and checking out what’s going on in “the eye traveller” :p
Me? Same as you, except I’ve stocked up bags of cookies and bingeing on them right now with a cup of green tea in my bed. Taking a step back from time to time soothes my soul haha… You have no idea how much I needed this storm, it’s the only break I could get since my DC trip. Wooosh, I will not blame mercury retrograde this time, it’s not necessary a bad thing( I hope I didn’t scare you with all my complains). Many astrologers have pointed out that it’s a great time to reflex and slow down to rethink things over during mercury retrograding. See even the universe is giving us time off and redo all the sins! ;)
It’s crucial in life to take breaks because you just can’t go ham 24/7 all year long, am I right?
Anyway, enjoy some photos I’ve collected just for you <3

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Cafe Algiers at Harvard Square

You know those times when you’re trying to get something but ended up getting something else?

I got home at around 4 am jumped right into my bed for a few hours of sleep before class, while the snow filling up the city.
With my dark circle dangling under my eyes I begged Greg and Carol to go get coffee with me before the conference, they happily agreed. We wrapped ourselves tightly and went against the cold wind for a cafe hunt in Harvard Square.

Cafe Algiers was quite eye catching, for me it looked like a harry potter style magic house. We looked at each other with curiosity agreed to go check it out.

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Chill Night, Dinner at Ostra

The boys were playing video gamez, Olive and I were lazily laying on the couch chilling with Lola (Wen’s new puppy), talking about winter fashion and all that jazz.
It was an awfully chilling Monday since we didn’t have class the next day.
T brought along his newly purchased wine joined us and introduced it as the best from the cellar. LOL Though someone had a disagreement but let us not get into their argument. We’re none professionals for wine, at least not yet, but T just cracks me up with his witty humor.
Anyhow after a few glasses we decided to go to Ostra for dinner.  It’s a contemporary Mediterranean seafood restaurant which I highly recommend if you love fish!
If you fancy to check out their menu click here. It’s located at 1 Charles, close to the bars and clubs in downtown Boston.

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Catching Up at the Liquid Art House

Once life gets busy you really need to make time to catch up with some friends before you become strangers again. Gigi and I have heard so much about the liquid art house and wanting to check it desperately. This weekend I was so determined and went ahead made the RSV for us. Two is company, and three’s a crowd, I hit up Pedro asked him if he wants to join us since we haven’t hang out in so long. He happily agreed and brought a friend along. Well and four is a party!

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Tapeo for Tapas

You know that restaurant right by the street you always walk pass by and have wondered about but never had a chance to try it? Tapeo is one of them on my list. Gigi and I just happened to walk by it and we decided to give it a shot also to kill our curiosity.
G was only a dairy free then, so it was much easier to order. The fried goat cheese was for me and we shared the rest of the plates. My lamb chop was a bit over cooked, the cheese was great but I was done with it after a few bites. The best was the beet salad, not because I was a vegetarian for two years but it was the right amount of dressing and perfect combination of beet roots, the heart of palm, tangerine slices and arugula.  Over all it’s a cute place if you fancy to have a catch up with friends, it is a nice place to go.

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hello halloween!

This is the time of the year when people really get creative with ideas. After a serious consideration between milye cyrus and snow white, I finally settled with Kylie Jenner. Simply because first I hate cold (tho my outfit turned out to be cold anyway) second not looking too scary that people don’t recognize who you are (such as Karim… but I recognized your eyes and voice! bingo!)
The outfit was really simple so was the makeup(just put on a loads and loads of foundation and eyelashes and it’s all set).
We started celebrating at my place with my favorite people, while waiting for Byron and Baris someone was knocking on my door. It turned out to be a surprise pack of neighbors from my building. I never turn down a friendly olive branch, this supposedly small pregame turned into a great halloween party.

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Showcase SuperLux, Transcendent

What’s more perfect than having luxurious dinner and dessert while watching a new movie with Johnny Depp in it?
This weekend V finally hit me up and we decided to go watch this new movie, Transcendent. I will not spoil it for you, but will share some pics of the theatre ;)
As you can see we weren’t exactly catch by the first part of the movie, however I can assure you the last part and the ending was good and I cried.

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Genkia and the Night Out

Final is coming and my body is fully caffeinated…
So last week I finally met up with D, we haven’t seen each other for a long while. I suggested her to try out the organic sushi restaurant, Genki Ya. And we loved it!
By the time I got there, I was really REALLY hungry, here are some pics of what we ordered!

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