I’ve heard enough complains, but ya know what? I enjoyed it ok?!

Not only we got extra days off but also it’s pretty out(excluding the cold obviously)! I definitely used every bit of it to hang out with friends, catch up with work, also I had time to see my stepson Kenzo(!!) Oh and to eat junk food because they’re more accessible and I need fat to keep myself warm when the tripple layer coats are simply not enough…

So let me share my survival guide even though the snow has stopped… (I hope!)

Ps. It’s almost as cold as my soul.

First, we’re no russians, we don’t do vodka shots to keep warm.. We do Bailey’s because when it’s cold we want something sweet lol
Second: Ice cream******!!! It’s a must have when it’s snowing so you don’t have to worry it melting. (wear gloves tho, your fingers will thank you)
A lot of times my face is frozen, so I decided to grow some mustache to shield the wind…

Cuddle blankeyyyyy is always nice

Cafe nero has great hot coco.. if you didn’t now you know!

And pizza somehow became my main course .. I regret nothing!

That’s it for now my friends. Good luck with life. IF you’re my fellow seniors, start looking for jobs and start applying for OPT. Yea it’s that time of the year and I want you do good.