Behold, kids. There’s a better option to shop organic fruits & veggies now.  



Boston Public Market  (BPM) has opened not long ago, I finally got to get my hands on their products!

As much as I love Wholefoods & I swear by their green smoothie. However, we all know how ridiculously expensive it is. Especially living in the city, there isn’t enough option to choose.

& let’s be honest, Haymarket does not have a good selections of quality goods that can last longer than 2 days

Anyhow, BPM seems like a fun new adventure,  all the products are organic & handmade within a reasonable price range!


I also found my new boob implants. ;) Fresh and juicy.



Deez nuts looking roasty !IMG_7456

Agus is intrigued by the fresh cheese.IMG_7458

Did you know pure maple syrup can not only boost your immune system but also rich in antioxidants ?

As far as I’m concerned, it does magic to my pancakes and bacons!




For those of you who are cocktail lovers, now you know where to find your fruity vinegars!

My favorite is the pear :pIMG_7481

Hot coco lovers? Try those marshmallows. IMG_7483


This lady grows her own organic kales all year round!IMG_7484


Her homemade vinegar dressing is to die for, they’re sooo good!IMG_7487



Tea lovers? IMG_7490

  Maple beacon donuts, I kid you not!IMG_7516

Flowers are the equilibrium balance of true beauty, I always have them in my house. But I still haven’t found a satisfying flower shop near me :(IMG_7519

IMG_7521  IMG_7523


Me and Agu totally endorse this place. Go look around, let me know which one is your favorite stand!IMG_7515