When in NYC, you brunch!

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People flock into restaurants every sunday for brunches and gossips, it’s almost like a ritual.  And if you want to go to a great joint, patience is key. Because most likely there is going to be a gigantic waiting list.

Of course, there is always an otherwise if you’re as famous.

Ana and I decided to go with something casual yet good, Jack’s wife has our muse ;).


If you remember one of my old post from last thanksgiving ,you must remember Ana. One of my dearest friend since high school. (Here to read it)


I was eager to try the green shakshuka since I’m a big fan of the “red” shakshuka… Ana was skeptical about it as I described the red shakshuka as eggs swim in tomato sauce.

After my endless persuasion, she finally agreed on trying some “eggs swim in green sauce.”


And it was quite a disappointment with not much of a flavor.



After all that food, we went for a bit shopping to walk off the calories we consumed.

We stopped to grab some liquids & I picked up a green juice. It was way too sweet which defeated its healthy purpose :/Processed with Rookie Cam

Taking a break from Boston now & then is definitely therapeutic.

Nothing makes me happier to spend quality time with quality people.

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