Morning after a fun night I did not wake up in a new Bugatti, neither did I wake up looking like Beyonce…
I woke up more of something like “I’m a hungry beast, feed me all the food in the world! NOW!”

A little discovery on snapchat to check who’s up and who’s down.
I texted my dear friend Sonia for brunch, she’s up and ready to shine!
“Come to the W! Now!”
With a message like this I threw on whatever sweater I could first reach, wrapped myself in a warm coat and a scarf, rushed my way to meet them.
Long story short, we ended up at Temazcal for lunch rather than brunch which it’s fine by me. Mexican food has always been a fond of mine, the ones I’ve tried in Boston are mostly disappointments..  But you know what, I’ve officially found my new love affair! Sorry boys, Temazcal right by seaport has won my heart.
It’s an utterly bright sunny day! Which I love but not the friendliest to a headache.

We kicked off with some margaritas
 Nati got really interested in Chris’s necklace..
 After a few rounds of tequila shots, she soon lost the interest in the necklace and moved on to the singer

Miss Andrea seems to over ordered a lot of food for us… we had to add an extra table for it.
And we had some very interesting conversations on culture, views, and politics since we’re from different countries.

I really wish you were there to hear Chris’s hungry theory lol
Basically what it means is that many kids in our generation are not hungry anymore, so we don’t work as hard like our parents and grandparents generation. Hunger is what pushes people to make a change to fight for a difference. This topic can go deeper but I’m not going to bore you… let’s move on.

It’s definitely a place I’d return! FYI, they have the best calamari and shrimp alambre! Please try them because I know you’ll love them!
Also a quick note, congrats to the Pats! I hope to see the team soon ;)