It’s my spring break and I’m not traveling anywhere this time.  However, I do have a list of places I need to go in the city, I’m taking you with me as always!

*Alert: This post is full of vivid colors, you might need to look deep into nature afterwards.

Alrighty, let’s start our tour at the Cadillac House!!

Some houses have crazy people but this house has crazy wall papers, from ceiling to floor.

Who doesn’t need a pink squishy soap on your bathroom floor?

A very male oriented bathroom, don’t you think?

(As usual, all outfits are listed below. )

ringing my man…

A kitchen like this will put me in hunger mood all day long.

Dinner will be spaghetti.

What a popcorn dream!

Don’t get your hope too high, it’s only one big room that filled four corners with exhibitions.

Definitely a highlight for people who shop cars here.

V who is visiting me highly recommended a Korean BBQ, Kang Ho Dong.

How could I say no?

I love how Korean restaurants give you a bunch of small appetizers right after you order.

Sitting in a restaurant without food in front of you is pretty much a mental torture.

A waitress will help cooking the meat

You wrap up some meat in lettuce, it’s almost like a mini In&Out burger.

After dinner, we went home to change to start the night at PHD.

Doesn’t Y look just like Khortney Kardashian?

And finished the night with the famous Artichoke pizza!!

I know,  I know, I’m running an extra mile tomorrow morning!