I rarely go out of down town area, but there are so much more to see and eat out side of this bubble!

For those who love brunchies, you’ll love cafe luna. The food was amazing, but the wait was longer than ever even with a rvs.


The best part of going to cambridge is there are so many hidden gems! This cool graffiti wall apparently changes all the time.IMG_1179

I started off with a bloody marry, which was the best I’ve had in Boston brunch cafes. My friends had cappuccino, fruit bowl, and sangria. They all loved theirs.


Me and Adriana shared the waffles and eggs benedict. IMG_1206

Gigi and Steph each had curried potatoes roasted with cauliflowers, carrots, and broccolis, divine combination that screams “healthy”!
IMG_1209 Snapchat time!IMG_1210 Look at this bad boy! IMG_1213_2 Creamy, berry berry sweet, orgasm in the mouth.IMG_1214_2

I don’t mean to flickering around, but that’s exactly what I was doing, digging in between these two and couldn’t contain myself with happiness. IMG_1216 If you booking for Cafe Luna, please tag me along!!