Once life gets busy you really need to make time to catch up with some friends before you become strangers again. Gigi and I have heard so much about the liquid art house and wanting to check it desperately. This weekend I was so determined and went ahead made the RSV for us. Two is company, and three’s a crowd, I hit up Pedro asked him if he wants to join us since we haven’t hang out in so long. He happily agreed and brought a friend along. Well and four is a party!

We chatted over wine and water while scanning through the menu. Pedro and Candido had wine, me and Gigi I had water because the ID I brought was expired (silly clair silly you….) and Gigi only brought the ID from her country. Candido tried his best to whistle over the manager but this man in suite informed us seriously that according to the Mass Law blah blah blah, you get the idea.Anyhow, we decided to have drinks after dinner somewhere else.
We still had a great time talking about wine, art, politics, business, and life in general.

This restaurant is decorate by the talented art director Silvy who went to my school as an art major undergrad.
All of the art pieces are on sale, they switch it up constantly to keep it new and interesting. There are paintings, photographies, digital arts, fashion pieces, and so on. I won’t spoil everything, you should go check it out.


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I was in the mood for some fish, so I ordered the Faroe Islands Salmon. It’s beautifully displayed and finely cooked, the skin was perfectly fried and the center remained fresh and tender.


For desert I chose Violet Bavaroi, it looked better than the taste.

Overall it was a great time with these intellectual bunch. <3