The boys were playing video gamez, Olive and I were lazily laying on the couch chilling with Lola (Wen’s new puppy), talking about winter fashion and all that jazz.
It was an awfully chilling Monday since we didn’t have class the next day.
T brought along his newly purchased wine joined us and introduced it as the best from the cellar. LOL Though someone had a disagreement but let us not get into their argument. We’re none professionals for wine, at least not yet, but T just cracks me up with his witty humor.
Anyhow after a few glasses we decided to go to Ostra for dinner.  It’s a contemporary Mediterranean seafood restaurant which I highly recommend if you love fish!
If you fancy to check out their menu click here. It’s located at 1 Charles, close to the bars and clubs in downtown Boston.

 Here is lolalita, so little but she feels like a lion!
Chilling just like us

We were ready to go!

I went for the yellow fin tuna carpaccio (Olivez made fun of me pronouncing it with my chinese accent.. but her S backed me up with his arabian accent… Thanks brother!)
Green and healthy arugula salad
butter beautifully soaked in olive oil… it’s like cherry on top of the ice-cream kind of good
I believe this is the salt crusted branzino. They served with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, and snipped herbs.
 This is art.. ok?
 I’m quoting T, “orgasm in my mouth.” LOL
This kid stole our chocolate covered toffee
After a good meal we all headed to the mini bar, that was a wrap for our chill night.