This semester I got an on campus job as an ambassador at off campus housing office, also I hold a position in the model UN team as the secretary. With my GMAT coming up next week, plus all of the planing for spring break, follow that is a big project for my blog(wink wink), then the NYC conference right after that, not to mention many other things I don’t want to think about anymore… My brain just shuts off when things collectively happen altogether.. all I could think about was salad and wine after a 3-hour-meeting…

However I’m not here to bore you with the responsibilities I want to run away, but to share this little joint that’s perfect for a quick bite(by that I mean salad) and some drinks if you need a little pump in the ass like I did!

Legal Crossing is a cross between all of the Legal Sea Foods concepts that evolved and mushed into a one new experience. Commonly known by people live in the city since it sits right by Boston downtown crossing. If you’re in the area, it’s a good choice to come for drinks at the bar or a big seafood supper.

After hitting up my dear friend M since he lives one streets down, we made our way in the snow to here.
The bang bang cauliflower is loved by many, I think it tastes like orange chicken except it’s not chicken.. I’d say it’s a smart and skinny sub for… chicken… obviously ;)
Tuna Sashimi, I like my tuna like I like my man, raw and fresh with a dab of shyness… loling
M highly recommended the crab cake and I endorse it
The lighting wasn’t that good, so these are the only pics that turned out postable… I am thinking of getting a camera :)
After rounds of mango vodka shots and wine… I think my little temporary real life escape is worth sharing..