I’m currently in the 80F degree sunshine paradise writing this belated Christmas post,

but tis the holiday season so I still have a couple of days to keep it up, right?

My friend from college was visiting and spending Christmas with me, but apparently we didn’t get the memo that everything would be closed.

Soho has never been so empty, I quite like to have the whole town (almost) all to our selves.

After frolicking in Soho, we were ready to try Cafe Henry, a beautiful healthy small cafe that attracted so many bloggers.

But it was closed.

Since we were already in China Town, we decided to try Chrissy Teigen‘s favorite pho place, Pho Grande.

Sany had chicken pho with beef broth, I had beef pho with beef broth.


When the night hits, it’s time to dinner!

This post is a mixture of what we did all day, so keep up.

NYC at its best lighting, Christmas light!

We met up with Val at Tout Va Bien, the oldest french joint in town. It’s a family run old business, you can still meet the owner welcoming you at door.

Better late than never, Merry Christmas and I will update a happy new year soon, stay touched! <3