New kid in town, go check him out!

Committee is officially opened 2 weeks ago. It’s owned by the same boss as Cafeteria & Bijou, so if you’re fond of one/both of them, you’d like committee. Or if you don’t know these two, it’s ok, just look through this post ;P

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I was so excited to try this restaurant, C & I have been drooling over their Instagram (click) since day 1. Finally we’re here, the waiter with perfect goatee brought us non-stop warm peta bread and creamy hummus.


Here serves all small plates just like Toro except it’s mostly mediterranean food.


C calls this the best cheese in town



A different approach to the calamari, it’s stuffed. IMG_2710


Lamb kabob IMG_2713

I think it’s either lamb or beef on baked peta bread..( this is why I shouldn’t wait and then blog, I forget easily!)

IMG_2714I insisted on desert!

Naughty, I know..


Ready? Drums roll: here’s the instagram famous Committe Mule with a twist of spiciness. Exotic thing, you.





The rain stopped us from going out after dinner.

Thank god the bar was great and we had a memorable convo, I could just quote him all night.

“You don’t test the water, you put 200% of you into it”

Here’s just one of them lol



We stayed until the lights on.

I would def recommend this place, grab your best pals and try all the cocktails! :pIMG_2828