Mexican food 2.0 is how I would describe Cosme.

Not only the look of every dish but also the quality and flavor are worth a visit!

Spring just arrived and New York is in transition mode, that means we get a couple days of rain to wash off the last bit of winter and dullness.

The place is clean and modern, gives you a delightful ambiance.

*All the wine on display are for sale.

Thinking about where to put the next office party?

They also have a big private room for events.

Check out there menu here (scroll all the way down).

The classic huevo ranchero.

Two sunny side up soaked in tomato sauce covered with mushroom and cheese, decorated with some jalapeno slices.

It was absolutely delicious.

Egg sope so perfectly waiting to be popped.

V and I chatted about school work and future while we devoured our savory dishes.

It’s time for the sweets!

Guys, I’ve never had anything more delicate than this plate of churros!

It’s indescribable you just have to go try it yourself :p  and thank me later.


Cosme is near the flat iron building, take a walk after and shop a little!