I hope you enjoyed my last trip to the beautiful waterfall! If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.

We continued our adventure to la playa ~

First thing first, I shared my breakfast with Mr. Cosmos.

We both enjoyed every drop of it.

And voila, teleportation to the beach!

Jk, it took us about an hour from Atenas to drive here. It’s 20mins away from Jaco beach, definitely worth going.

And yas, it is open to the public but it’s like a hidden jewel, hard to find.

I’ll try my best to explain, just bare with me…

First, you’ll arrive at the gray sand beach – Playa Mantas – where the parking lot is(You might have to tip the guard.)

The water is much calmer on this side.

Then, you have to pass the beach, where you’ll find beautiful things made by nature.

Raw but gentle.

Then, you see that little crack between the cliffs?

You climb through that. No joke. Then you’ll reach the white sand beach.

With a sky full of colorful parrots waiting for you!

What a view!

The sun came in and out of the clouds.

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Yas, I actually brought lemons to put in my water… Vitamins are good for you!

We settled down somewhere far from the resort where all the tourists were, and had the beach all to ourselves.

Coconut oiled skin, salty hair, sandy beaches and the sweetest time under the sun.

That’s a piece of tortilla chip on the bottom right corner… I was sharing my food again!

Ladies, find yourself a man who looks at you like this raccoon looks at my chips. No kidding!

It was rainy season in Costa Rica, the sun usually shy away in the afternoon. But that did not stop us from having fun!


My original plan was to gracefully slide into the background as a photo bomber, but I stepped on some rocks and… man down!

Discussing world peace… or maybe tacos…

Okay, last one, let’s be serious.


more posts are coming!