Turkish Towel, hat, sunnies, poolside and on top of a mountain, I love peaceful mornings like this.

You may already know how much I love my morning meditation.

Life can spin out of control and things can get messy, but it’s all just a perspective. So, setting a good intention before I start my day with a glass of warm lemon water is very important.

This summer has been a spiritual retreat for me. First I was in Tibet, then I was back on the island with my family, after that I flew to Costa Rica.

My Tibet trip was def an eye opening experience, and my trip here really helped me to be more in touch with my power and feelings.

I’ve always been the emotional and sensitive child in the family, because of that it has been my life lesson to learn “regardless the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.”

Although I’ve mastered keeping it cool and calm regardless the situation, but the feeling is something I can’t just get rid off. That means I still have to face the anger, sadness, all that bad tastes at some point.

And that my friend, is something we all need to master – don’t be afraid to feel. Instead of ignoring the feeling by binging ice cream, going out parting or over working, it’s important to sit with the feeling, understand it and be okay it.

Everyone goes through ups and downs, even the moon has its phases. It’s just a natural cycle of life.

After an late morning ice cream break, we were ready for some pizza!

I’m not a fan of the cheese in San Jose. I did miss Artichoke Pizza a lot.

But that’s not important, regardless the bad cheese, it’s always a great time when you’re with the right people!