IMG_1508Well, where should I even start? There are so many grateful things in life that it will take pages in this blog! But I don’t want to keep you for so long :p

Aside from the beautiful, powerful and delightful things that lead us to hope and love in life. The frightful, hurtful and mournful events also give us a chance to grow & unite from pain.

Most importantly is how we react to these feelings. If we keep a positive attitude, and I’m not saying that it will keep the war away but it will bring us peace and power from within. In the end of the day we cannot change another being, we can only control us and how we feel. When evil tears the world down, we build and build and never give up on our hopes.   IMG_1007


Don’t forget to laugh about all your troubles!  IMG_1506



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Before I let you go, can we just take a moment and appreciate James Bond? I watched the Spectre and fell in love again.