Hands down my favorite pizzaria in Boston is CRUSH!!! It’s quite small compact but the pizzas are amazing with customize options. Anyhow, Greg and I have decided to have a picnic LONG time ago but only until few days ago we finally made it happen.

We wrapped ourselves up and headed to our crush ;) then situated in the park.


We tried their new flavor, the Thai Chicken which was eye rollingly good…  If you lie thai flavor I highly suggest you try it, if you’ve never tried thai food I still highly recommend you to try this!IMG_0016


Thinly baked deliciousness IMG_0015

I was probably eyeing a hot man who’s running by or a cute puppy rolling by.. oh well IMG_0181



This hall is so beautiful in the summer when covered in thick, green grapevine. I can’t wait for the summer!

After all those food, which I ate most of them, therefore I needed to jump around to burn them offffffffff!IMG_0185




I can be serious and I can be fun too lol typical geminiIMG_0107