No, I am not on vacation, not even attending simple classes. I’m in this seminar which as my dear friend Kaila described “it’s super chill and fun.” However it’s not quite close to that but I am enjoying it while working my ass off.

I’ve been to DC few years ago, it’s nice to revisit some of the places. They haven’t changed a bit but I have grown so much. Wonder where the time went! (probably right into my wrinkles lol)

Don’t worry, I will not bore you with all the political issues and such, but I did take some fun photos to share with you! Mom really enjoyed them :p

*I did look unpleasant or miserable due to the extreme cold temperature ( rumor has it, boston is even worse… blehhhhhhhhhhhh)

Hi Lincoln! Long time no see!
when it’s windy, I’m a wimpy.
I have to say the great company made the mundane daily routine so much more fun ;)
 where’s clair???? haha
Here’s the story, somehow I started an addiction, it’s called snapchat. At first my colleagues were laughing about me taking so many selfies…
and then the whole team started “clairing” (selfieing). I honestly feel accomplished and honored that I officially influenced everyone.
 Most of the days I am tired as you can see
But I still pushed my limits and attended every event…
I do have a Zoo post coming up soon if you’re interested in seeing some cute pandas and kissing tigers :p
Tune in you crazy little monsters <3