This week is much more fun than the last one, I get to sleep 6 hours at night rather than 4! That’s heart warming <3

If we’re instagram friends (which I highly recommend :p) you’d probably know that I got into the white house and had a private tour there! Just kidding, it didn’t happen.
However I did get to catch up with my old friend Hannah who currently working in DC. Maaaan we had a crazy ride last summer.. wooosh thank god that’s over.

What happened here was that Hannah for some reason had a different idea on snapchat so she never used it. As the selfie queen, I think it was my duty to make sure everyone is loving themselves and taking enough self-portraits on their “self”phones.

After a few cocktails we felt the need to satisfy our tummies. It’s a falafel wrap! Boston needs this!

Here is our last dinner for the conference at the National Press Club

I only have three hair style: straight, curly, and homeless. That night thank god was curly…

Today we went to the newseum. Social media can be a powerful weapon used by the leaders or people. This museum has a big collection on news and historical artifacts. We literally had so much fun there. I would highly suggest you to take a visit if you’re in the area!
Life is a comic, smiley clair~~~
I told you we had a lotta fun there“

Here is the FBI section. You know I can’t imagine to have a friend, family, or lover who is a secret agent. I’d be freaking out every time when I watch the news.

This is for my dear friend Tyler! He would make sure I’m not lost or left behind every single time, because of course I’m always so busy and losing my head constantly.

Here is a list of reporters and journalist lost their lives during their jobs at war.

We are so big!!!! yet so small…..

Ash is a cutie

I’m in love with this photo

Great trip & great memories!