Hello hello!

It’s been so relaxing and nice to be on an island with my family but I’m flying somewhere extremely high and cold tomorrow. My cousin is currently helping me pack while I’m writing this post :p

Anyway, I wanna share a spot with you, come along!

A friend took me to a famous park in Sanya, it’s called Turning Back Deer Park (long name, I know). It comes with a love story told by a minority tribe on this island, I’ll tell you in a bit.

They sell colorful tribal gifts on top of the mountain.

The sun was setting by the time we got there…

…where you can see the south of the city.

This island is very modern, it has anything you need from food, different level of resorts/hotels, shopping center, sightseeings, sports, etc.

With what I see in the news, the island is only to get better and more popular each year.

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So, about the love story. 

Long long ago, there was a great and very handsome hunter lived on this island. One day, he saw a black leopard chasing a beautiful golden deer in the forrest. He was amused by the pretty little deer so he shot the leopard and ran after the deer.

He spent 9 days and nights climbed 99 mountains, crossed 99 rivers to finally catch up the deer at the edge of a cliff. He was ready to shoot. Magic usually happens at the most critical moment, the deer turned back and transformed into a beautiful girl.

Voila, you may or may not guess it, the hunter and the “deer” fell in love and stayed happily ever after.

I’m not quite sure about this love story as I don’t see where the love can possible come about…

People would come to this park and pray for a love that lasts forever.

Time flew by, we ran down the mountain and ready to eat a whole village!