Brunching is a western culture, an equivalence to easterners’ “breakfast tea.”

As far as I know, you can never have too many brunch/ breakfast tea spots.

I threw on my pink sweater at noon, met up with my dear friend Elisa for Dim Sum.





















Steamed bundles of perfection and joy cuddle in lil baskets.

I need my dose of dumplings at least once a week or else I simply lose my mind.

Exaggerating?  Me?

Anyhow, I’ve always been looking for a good dumpling place in Boston town and neither Dumpling House nor Dumpling Cafe satisfies my needs. So my hunting has never stopped.

IMG_2182The weather turned out to be surprisingly beautiful with an unnaturally high 67F degrees temperature.

Not that I’m complaining but maybe just a bit of concern for global warming…



If you’re still looking for cute sweaters, my previous post might be very helpful (here)

IMG_2195 IMG_2205

After peaking through windows to windows in China town, our eyes were set to this little joint which I apologize for not remembering the name!! I promise I’ll update once I find out.


A thick creamy sweat sauce oozing out right after you bite into the soft bun.

That was giant bite… I was hungry!IMG_1948

Taro buns are my favorite.




You must try the sticky rice mixed with sausages and ribs wrapped in lotus leaves, it’s full of flavors with an earthy aroma.


Elisa volunteered to try the famous chicken fingers… Real chicken fingers!

She deserves a round of applause, even I get a lil freaked out after years haven’t seen them.

How did they taste?

Delicious and full of collagen.



Prawn dumplings.


Sesame balls with crunchy shells and sweet soft red bean fillings inside.


After our high-calorie intakes, we agreed on a walk to the Charles River. IMG_2189



What a marvelous view to end our day?!IMG_2135

Where is your favorite dim sum spot? I’m always open for suggestions :p