So, I went on a date on Saturday night. 

I met the fella last summer and have been pushing off he’s invites ever since.

I wasn’t ready and didn’t think it’s the right fit.

Well, after almost a year his persistence has moved me and I decided to give it a shot. Plus, dates are fun.

Clair Zhan, the eye traveler, theeyetraveler, boston blogger, nyc blogger, fashionista

I wore a Topshop dress, sold out, similar style here & here . Shoes, sold out, similar style hereLong coat, sold out, similar style here.

Anyway, back to the story.

I invited my friend K to join us.

The fella made RSVP at Ocean Prime and picked us up at 8.

We started with california wine, light, crisp with sweet aftertaste.

Sorry I forgot the name, perhaps you can ask the waiter to figure it out.


Dynamite rolls were hot & heavy.


Point Judith Calamari didn’t make the cut.

It’s like orange chicken styled calamari made in a chinese fast food chain restaurant.IMG_8617


Medium cooked yellowfin tuna swam in creamy sauce.



Blackened snapper on top of corn bread. Crispy and spicy.

It was my favorite.




Desserts were pretty basic.




After dine & wine, we locked arms and headed to Empire for drinks and dancings.



So… the date didn’t go as I imagined. He was a gentleman with many interesting stories, he spent all night sharing them and kept his wondering eyes on people watching, not at all hearing us. Then he went on offering to fly K to Madrid and pity that I wouldn’t be able to join because I have to work. I resisted rolling my eyes, instead I smiled and listened. He must have mistaken my “amusement” for attraction as he leaned for a kiss at the end of the night and asked to do it again soon.

On our way home, K and I bursted out laughing.

There must be a caring, genuine, sun/food loving dreamboat out there for me, somewhere?

Clair Zhan, the eye traveler, theeyetraveler, boston blogger, nyc blogger, fashionista