You know those times when you’re trying to get something but ended up getting something else?

I got home at around 4 am jumped right into my bed for a few hours of sleep before class, while the snow filling up the city.
With my dark circle dangling under my eyes I begged Greg and Carol to go get coffee with me before the conference, they happily agreed. We wrapped ourselves tightly and went against the cold wind for a cafe hunt in Harvard Square.

Cafe Algiers was quite eye catching, for me it looked like a harry potter style magic house. We looked at each other with curiosity agreed to go check it out.

The interior is decorated with many pieces of mirrors for us to take selfies. We really liked that!
Greg got this arabic coffee which tasted like hot chocolate with a hint of coffee mixed with herbs.
 and he loved it! I would suggest this pot of coffee for sharing, it’s quite a lot and very thick to process. Greg might disagree on that… oh well.
I was craving for eggs benedict but they didn’t have it, so I asked for two poached eggs and made my own… like i always always tell everyone, if there’s a will there’s a way haha!
It got dark quickly, but look at these trees! they’re so beautiful in gold!

If you’re around the area and wanna check out this cute cafe, click here for the menu.