It’s been half a year since I moved to the city and I still haven’t mastered the NYC traffic.

Being late is no longer excusable and the lesson is that I have to leave home more than an hour early. There are so many things I could do in an hour, dedicate this precious hour to traffic somehow makes me feel sad.

Anyway, that’s just my (and many new yorkers’) reality until we can physically fly everywhere without stopping at any red lights.

I was 30 mins late meeting Mariya for brunch at Felix on Sunday. *Oh, and always bring cash when you’re in Soho! I lost count at how many times I had to run to an ATM after a meal in this neighborhood – it’s extremely annoying but what can you do about it?

I asked M to start ordering since I was stuck in traffic AND had to run to an ATM get cash.

By the time I arrived our food was ready.

I had omelet provençal, slightly fried egg filled with ratatouille. It was super tasty!

A good vegetarian option.

M had burger and fries. She liked it.

A perfect sunny day to be out and about, although it was chilly. Felix was packed as always where you could literally have a convo with your neighbors from Sweden or possibly anywhere in the world.

They forgot my cappuccino, but the food was really good so I let it slid.

We took a stroll and did some spring shopping.

Passed by la esquina, one of my favorite mexican restaurant! If you can’t remember, check it out here.


A quick stop at Joe for a pick-me-up juice pump.

kiss kiss, until next time the eye travelers!