Fish ceviche is one of my favorite dish. It’s tasty, fresh and light, perfect for any time!
This recipe is going to make you fall in love.

Not long ago we went to Lolita’s to celebrate some friends’ graduation. It’s a pretty cool Mexican restaurant/bar, always packed with people.
Their special attractions were the frozen margarita in (literally) smoke which looks a lot like magic potions from Harry Potter, and giant fluffy cotton candy at the end of your meal. Other than that, the food really wasn’t impressive.
I have to admit when it comes to Mexican food, I am a critique.

the environment was gothic and dark which made it hard to take good pics.

Of course I was eager to order the ceviche and told everyone how good it’s going to be. Who knew it was so bad that we couldn’t even finish them.

They come in these three little cups in three different flavors… None of the flavor was authentic.

Let me take you out of this misery. Here is the simplest yet delicious recipe you’ll ever need to make ceviche :)

  • Ingredients:
    – Fresh sea bass
    – 1 and 1/2 of lime
    – Chives
    – Cilantro
    – Half a lemon
    – Red jalapino (depends on your heat tolerance)

Chop them all up and mix well in a bowl, let it sit for an hour or more so the citric slowly cooks the fish and the flavors sink in.

Voila, it’s ready to serve!