Suns out, buns out! just kidding buns are not out…
Honestly I’m in love with boston, it’s such a calm and marvelous city with beautiful sceneries. Ok we’re not comparing it with paris or rome, and I don’t think anyone should compare any of those cities, they’re all unique in their own ways. And I’ve had many many great memories in this place. Anyways, when the weather gets nice, nothing could be better than strolling down the park or the garden, sitting under the willow tree and just enjoy the view with your beloved friends that you dragged along!

I almost bought this blue mask but I didn’t have any cash and felt really bad not giving anything… but how cool is that?!

Ms.Mouse was busy knitting with a kind smile on her face, I weirdly felt like going home with her to her magical house and have a bowl of grandma sweet potato soup in the kitchen and listen to all of her adventures!

well that didn’t come true, we moved on to the bridge.

By the time we walked to newbury st, the smell of food lured our attention and we instantly went in to this restaurante for brunch. However the food wasn’t good and I didn’t remember the name of the place.


I’m waiting for another beautiful day in boston!