We have to give the french some credits for their delicious cuisine. I’ve just found a new eye-rollingly delicious spot in the southend – Gaslight!

Once we arrived to the street – the entrance was hidden on the side – so don’t panic if you can’t find it at first sight.

After a 10 minute waiting – tho we made a rsvp – the waitress settled us in one of the small tables lined up closely to each other, so close that I could feel the breath from my neighbor’s nostril on my arm! Jk, but I could hear every single word of their conversation.

First impression? Very frenchie.



We quickly made our orders and the first starter swept us off our feet – roasted bone marrow with kimchi, cucumber and salsa verde.

It was perfection.


we finished every bit of it, or “I” finished every bit of it.


Melting fontina with saucisson sec, garlic and croutons.


We would love it more if it has more cheese in this fondue.


Mubarak had Steak Frites with sauce bearnaise. It was good.



I went with Duck Confit – glazed with banyuls vinaigrette and nicely placed on top of camargue red rice, cherries, roquefort.


Here we go!


We chatted and cached up over food and wine, sighed how time flew by so fast.

And ended our dinner with a nice warm apple pie topped off vanilla ice cream.

I’m obsessed with it!


The snow fell down slowly and dusted a light layer of white on the streets, we’re blessed with a gentle winter this year.

” Ted 2 was filmed at Gaslight did you know that?” He asked.

” No… Wait, maybe.” I tried really hard to retrieve all my memory of the movie until my brain hurts, “Oh yea, Ted and his tramp wife were here!”

I mean, I don’t really get star struck but Ted is something else, he’s the mascot of Boston!

You can make rsvp here, let me know what you think of it :p