Fifi and I are two ambitious food lovers living in nyc, now that’s a wonderfully dangerous combination because we ADORO pasta.

After a disappointing lunch at Pierrtro (here) we decided to try Bocca‘s famouse cacio e pepe!


It’s a small yet authentic Italian restaurant, everything is imported from Italy.

We started off with a bottle of Pinot Nero Castelfeder from the north, loved it!

You know how a lot restaurants have their own style of serving bread?

Some use butter and flaky salt, some use olive oil, some soak butter in olive oil, etc.

Bocca has sun-dried tomato in olive oil, super flavorful!

The place was fully seated and we waited patiently for our food.

When this giant cheese wheel arrived we were ready to eat a whole village!

The skilled waiter quickly swirled and twisted a chunk of house made pasta in pecorino romano.

Then, directly served into our plates.

Quality pasta swims in salty cheese. What more do you want in a cold winter night?…

…More pasta! Duh!

House made squid ink gnocchi, crab meat, sweet corn, crispy pancetta mixed in crema.

Also a side of pancetta-brussels sprouts.

We chatted about life, creativity, vision, and a little bit of boys as we devoured all these deliciousness.

Finished off with something sweet!

Nutella custard,macerated wild berries, we scratched off every bit of it.

Highly recommend!


My friends and I have a tendency of leaving a place the last, we don’t do it purposefully it just kindda happens (smh).

If you want to see how empty ABC Kitchen looks, check it out here.


Tune in to our next adventure in Allora! (Another great food post :p )


Ciao Ciao!