Better late than never?! This post has been waiting in my draft list for quite a while, and now it’s time to shine.

My current situation: running between my crazy work schedule and school, fit in 6 hours of sleep at night, feed myself three meals a day, papers need to be done, finance is killing my brain cells, calculating the small amount of free time to weather squeeze in a few TV episodes or do squats…

I am panicking for my panic attack.

This is when I question myself, why do you work so hard? Go back to that carefree girl you used to be, things still turned out pretty good.

Sometimes it’s good to relax, reflect and restart.



After an exhausting night last night, which I will tell you about it later on, Anna, who was visiting suggested Macchina for brunch.

We used to do a “sex & the city” brunch every Sunday before I moved. The four of us would bring our gossips and storries to the table, wash down oj, champaign and laughters.

We’ve been to almost everywhere in Beantown, Masa, Stella, Downtown x, etc.

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Our food arrived quickly. We both had eggs & coffee, chatted about life, future, boys & makeup.

Don’t you just love those easy Sundays when the sun is out, people are smiling, birds chirping & rushing away in groups when you walk by?

I do!

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After lunch we went back to Soho where we somehow stumbled upon an Italian festival the night before…

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It was crowded with music and people, we wanted to stay longer but our stomaches were growling of hunger so we headed to dinner at Vandal.


The problem with posting late is that I can never find all of the pictures from that night…

Anyway, do I recommend this place?

Hell yea! Delicious food and cold drinks, handsome men in suits know how to carry a conversation, there’s even a small club in the basement. You’ve got the whole packge ;)


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Anyhow, what I’m trying to tell you is that don’t take life too seriously, it’s just an experience and make it a fun one.

Every successful person I’ve met had told me not to worry so much, do what you love and you’ll get to the sweet spot.