My roommate is a healthy eating addict, by now I’m already used to her spending an extra hour asking the waiter about their food ingredients.The conversation goes a bit like this “so do you have anything gluten free? oh that’s great but I don’t eat dairy so no cheese… hmm sorry is there any animal product in the broth? because I’m a vegetarian..” Once the requirement has met, I feel like the waiter deserves a round of applause for passing the exam. Don’t get me wrong, I have all the respect for my roommate being consistent, productive, and in control of what she eats.
Anyhow, if you are one of the clan who is a gluten free, dairy free vegetarian, well I have a good news, we’ve officially found a pasta restaurante for you! It’s located on Salem st in the Northend called Al Dente.
Personally I’m not a huge fan of the Northend. However I did enjoy this company very much and if my gluten, dairy free, semi vegan roommate approves this place, I guess it deserves a post ;)

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I had the shrimp grand marnier, it’s large shrimps dipped in egg batter, pan fried and soaked in orange liquor glaze, or should I say a pool of sugar water with a taste of orange? It was way too sweet for me and one bite is more than enough to take away all of my appetite.

G and S had pomodoro gluten free pasta. I had a bite,  the sauce was good and the pasta I guess it’s quite amazing as a gluten free product…