“Sooo I want to be there early, like before 1pm.” Greg insisted.

“Ummm, but we’re only supposed to be there before 1:30pm tho…” me trying to push as late as possible.

Annnnd, the next thing we know was me holding up my gown running down the street in my heels while trying to pull my hair off of my face in the freezing wind. Greg ( smart enough to) direct the Uber driver turning to a wrong street which was why I had to meet them one block down where I live.

Oh if you’re wondering, it was 1:35 when we finally heading to graduation.



My school separated BA & BS in two sessions, morning and afternoon. I’m a BA and thank god some of my best friends were in the same session. After the morning BS session bombarded my snapchat, we were so ready for our turn.



Right before I got on stage, Walid grabbed me from the seat and said “Clair you need to do something epic on the stage!”

With many encouragements from my supportive friends, I decided to spare the audience with my awful dance moves, but something I’m much more comfortable with- snapchat video with the Dean. (If you want to see the video, you’ll have to ask me next time when you see me…)

Vicky, this girl is my left hand, I can not imagine my college life without her.

IMG_0557  IMG_0565
  I am terribly sorry because there are SOOO many pictures with SOOO many friends, but they’re all taken in a camera which mom still hasn’t sent them to me.. I promise I’ll update this post.

Voila, Kenzo’s real mama is here, Ezcaaaa. My lovely friend that I watched her grew :p

With my beautiful shishi <3

Bye, my college life! The past 4 years have been real real, the past 4 years were written in tears and laughters, loves and heartbreaks, we have broken down so many times but each time we stand up taller. The future is not going to be easier but thanks to these 4 years we are stronger.

I’m currently a happy unemployed girl looking for a fun job.. lol wish me luck.