I’m sitting by the beach by the time this post is up :p

You guessed it right, I’m on vacay! My parents live on an island in China, here. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite hotels on this island!

Anyhow, back to Guangzhou, one of the top cities in China and I thought I might take you with me.


One of my best friends from here suggested a famous restaurant, I headed over there with my mom and uncle.

It sits in a very modern financial building, 4th floor.

Two sets of chopsticks, one for you one for serving others.

This is called Shaqima, incredible and indescribable sweet dish.

A must try!

Some veggie for nutrition purpose.

Lotus soup for sharing, perfect for 3 people.

These are chicken feet, a traditional dish that’s been served in china since history.

I have know some friends from China who can’t eat it because of the look, so it’s ok if you don’t want to try. :p

It’s my brother’s favorite, and I like everything he likes since we were little.

Short ribs with rice noodles swim in a tasty sauce.

Turnip cake, salty, soft on the inside crunchy on the skin.

Water chestnut cake,sweet, jelly, fried on the outside.

Tofu and steamed peanuts in some sort of sauce, close to soy sauce but better. Much better.

Truffle dimsum with mushroom filling.

bon appetit! Fantastic lunch with fam.

Definitely a great spot if you ever visit this city :p


Stay tuned, beach posts are on the way!